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People look out for ways to lock and protect their personal data in Folders on their Operating System from intruders, particularly office workers and adults for not letting leak out their personal data over to an unfamiliar person, and teens that don't want to get acquainted with anyone sharing their personal data.

Do you want to lock your folders in a computer that cannot be accessed by other people? You have got software for that, but there are ways to do it yourself without using software, too.

Locking your folders using softwares and without softwares, both can be done. You need to first make sure which OS are you running.

Locking your Data without Softwares

Using Linux/UNIX:

Most Linux and UNIX systems have got these permissions set so that no one other than administrators can see your folders, you can enforce these restrictions via "chmod go-rxw ".

Using Windows:

Using the security tab in Windows and remove every user from it is a good way not to let anyone view your data. And if you want to restore your access back, simply add yourself back.

Locking your Data using Softwares

Using Folder Lock:

Folder Lock is a data encryption software used to password protect folders from snooping eyes, this software comes with features like stealth mode and encryption features, that doesn't only lock but encrypt files too with strong AES encryption. No one can access your encrypted or locked folders without using the appropriate password to access the locker. Locker is where you drag your files for protection.

Folder Lock comes for $39 a license.

Mark Neil is associated with New Software Inc that provides File Lock software.

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