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Marine GPS Mapping Software is the heart and soul of your GPS or GPS/Fishfinder Combo. Many gps and combination units come preloaded with simple maps of major lakes and bodies of water. While preloaded maps are getting better all the time, many people opt to buy additional mapping software and "upload" it to their GPS. Not only can you mark waypoints and track your course, some of these more expensive map versions offer detailed information on water depth, contour and even fishing hot spots.

The first thing to be aware of is the design of your gps or fishfinder. While some come with preloaded maps as mentioned above, some of the cheaper models do not offer a way to add additional maps; this means you cannot upgrade the maps that came with the unit.

The second, and probably the most important caveat, when it comes to purchasing a map to install on your gps or fishfinder combo unit is to be sure to obtain the correct "file format". There are many manufacturers of gps units; Garmin, Raymarine, Furuno, and Lowrance - just to name a few. Add to this the fact that there are just about as many "file formats" for the gps mapping software such as SD card, c-card, FURUNO FP, Microsoft, MMC, CF and others. Now this is very critical. You must purchase the correct type of software that matches your particular gps.

Some examples of this are as follows (these are just some general examples - always be sure to check with the manufacturer or retailer). Many Eagle brand gps units use the SD chip type, while some models of Hummingbird use SD while others use MMC. Raymarine on the other hand uses CF for many of its models. To complicate things more; some formats vary depending on not just the brand but by specific model type of the unit.

The point is; it can get confusing. Just be sure to read all documentation and know for sure you are buying the correct file format, especially online. Many retailers will not accept returns on gps mapping software.

But once you get the correct map installed, you will be amazed at the accuracy and detail of today's modern gps software. Happy boating and fishing.

M. Kilby along with his father are avid outdoorsman offering quality gps mapping software and other outdoor recreation from Blue Lake Tackle, LTD

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Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition Upgrade w/ Encryption Coded Software

Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition is a home operating system featuring digital media, an improved user experience, enhanced home networking, and a rich Internet experience. Windows computing offers extras like the Windows Media Player 7 and Windows Movie Maker, and it supports the latest in gaming technologies like DirectX, graphics accelerators, in-game chat, and more.

Using Windows is now even safer with new features like System Restore, to quickly restore your computer to a previous working state, and System File Protection, providing built-in safeguards to prevent accidental deletion or overwriting of key system files. This operating system even updates itself by automatically downloading the latest enhancements from the Web.

The included Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 and Outlook Express afford a rich and full Internet experience. Take advantage of simple desktop-based tools to import photos from scanners and cameras, then organize, print and share them. Newly enhanced support of home networking includes step-by-step directions for setting up shared Internet connections, printers, and other peripherals, with full support for Ethernet, Home PNA, and wireless networks. Need help? Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition now offers a centralized location to find comprehensive and easy-to-use help--the Windows Help Center.

Note: This upgrade requires a licensed copy of Microsoft Windows 95, 98, or 98 Second Edition.
Customer Review: Upgrades are never as good
Generally speaking, to get the best performance from any operating system a clean install of a full version is recommended. The best choice is to choose a full version of the product and enjoy the benefits of not being left with artifacts and leftover's of your previous operating system which can lead to instability in certain cases. I would only buy this on a limited budget.
Customer Review: Great price for a clean installation for my laptop!!!
I heard horror stories that this OS freezes but I perused some of the reviews..and I got a reponse from a reviewer about it freezes only if you have not partitioned and formatted the existing OS before the installation..In my case I deleted a file or several files on my Win98SE and was prompted by the laptop to reinstall Windows and with a second opinion that in my case I should have no problems..Just in case like the other reviewers mentioned that if it freezes-press on the keyboard "Ctrl+Alt+Del" and that will unfreeze the computer..

What is Search Optimization Software?

Search Engine Optimization Software can be a webmasters dream, and a competitors worst nightmare. Youd be surprised by how many people simply dont use any type of Search Engine Optimization Software. Some of the reasons they dont use SEO software:

They lack knowledge on what search engine optimization software even is.

They possess little knowledge on how it can help their business.

They dont know the difference between good software & a lemon.

By acquiring this knowledge, you will easily become a Search Engine Optimization Expert.

How can it help my business?

Search Engine Optimization software can help your business by giving you the tools you need in order to succeed in your business. Some SEO software tools give you the option to spy on your competition, to see where they are getting their links from, what keywords they are competing for, and so much more. SEO software is probably one of the greatest competitive advantages you can get amongst many other webmasters.

By using SEO software, you will ultimate be able to tell what works, what doesnt, and how you can rank high in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Ranking high in the SERPs is a basic necessity if you want your internet business to thrive.

What are characteristics of good SEO software? What do I look for?

Good SEO software gives you great insight on whats happening behind on the scenes of the internet. The greatest SEO software out there gives you the ability to spy on your competition. Imitation is the key to succeeding on the internet, and if you can spy and imitate your competitors, you will gain a competitive edge. Not only will you be able to imitate what they are doing to rank high for certain keywords, but you will also have the ability to do what they are doing, plus more.

Once you generally know how Search Engine optimization works, SEO tools & keyword research tools will become a must in your journey to become successful in the SEO field.

Is your website struggling?
Do you need help getting traffic to your website?
Do you want to earn an full-time income online?

Read Free Here:Keyword Elite Specialty

Kyle Everette is an expert of keyword research & Search Engine Optimization, and believes anybody can build a highly successful website with the correct tools & knowledge

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Calendar Creator (CD-ROM) newly tagged "software"

Calendar Creator
Calendar Creator (CD-ROM)
By Encore Software

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In the pharmaceutical industry the clock is ticking at the rate of warp-speed "drug years." Pharmaceutical industries have 8 (possibly up to 12 years) to discover, conceptualize, define, develop and commercialize--as opposed to market--pre-market drug information. This process of course results in a financial tab of about $200-$900 million dollars--numbers that are subject to vary depending on your sources and on the amount of time taken for the various phases of drug development. At any rate however the monetary costs of a new start-to-finish drug (and more so for failed drugs) are likely to be impressively enormous. No matter how you look at it the pharmaceutical wallet becomes reciprocally thinner as the "drug-years" clock continues to tick.

Drug Patents: How can pharmaceutical companies achieve the greatest patent advantage without compromising patients?

Another motivating factor for pharmaceutical industries to rush the clock are patent laws. Drug patents, of course, create a window--a very large window if strategized correctly--to a monopolized gain on the sale of a new drug. Current laws place patent years at around 17 so if a company spends 11 years in the development phases it has exactly six uninterrupted years to achieve market gain to the fullest--no easy task for even the BIG guys.

Both financial costs and patent pressures cause pharmaceutical companies to rush, to lose their opportunity for sales completely, or worst case scenario, to cause eventual problems, even death, for patients. How can pharmaceutical companies achieve the greatest patent advantage without compromising patients?

Enter Web Document Management

Web document management, when utilized in small, medium, or large pharmaceutical companies and in conjunction with their satellites and CROs can literally shave drug years off the pharmaceutical clock. Web document management solutions combined with web process, quality, regulatory, training and submissions preparation solutions can subtract even more drug years leaving more free-for-all patent time. Best of all however these solutions systematize and automate solutions, trend information and make it easier to get quality, regulation, training, documentation and all company processes under control so that patients stay safe and pharmaceutical companies gain.

As in so many instances technology steps in and effortlessly ties two endeavors together with increased effectiveness on both ends of the spectrum.

One Solution at a Time: Start with Web Document Management

For pharmaceutical companies that cannot invest in all of these solutions at once, start with a web document management solution. A web document management solution will and should be able to manage tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of documents from lab notebook entries, study data, biomarkers, formulation studies, statistical analyses, GLP compliance docs, patent analyses, lead generation reports, market analysis, financial statements, manufacturing scenarios, patent filings, product commercial path scenarios, IND submission strategies, toxicology reports, templates, etc., etc.

The web document management solution should also provide web-based collaboration features, the technology to quickly scan paper documents into the system, a user-friendly interface, tracking/audit trail features, 21 CFR Part 11 compatibility, revision controls, reporting features and compatibility with training software controls. The system should also be compatible with common ERP solutions.


When used correctly technology (such as the increasingly popular web document management software solutions) is always an enabler and essentially allows pharmaceutical companies the ability to get the data they need faster so that the right decisions can be made for both patients and the interests of the company and its employees. Pharmaceutical regulatory, quality, IT and management representatives should select four or five web document management software vendors and compare them seriously. The web document management software vendor chosen could be the means of a pharmaceutical company's success after its next successful IND.

Marci Crane is a copywriter at MasterControl in Salt Lake City, Utah. For more information about web document management in pharmaceutical environments, please feel free to contact a MasterControl representative.

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Microsoft Office Standard 2007 FULL VERSION

Microsoft Office Standard 2007 offers the core Microsoft Office applications, but significantly updated for faster, better results. Comprised of Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Outlook, this software suite empowers you to create high-quality documents and presentations, build powerful spreadsheets, and manage your e-mail messages, calendar, and contacts. With improved menus and tools, enhanced graphics and formatting capabilities, new time and communication management tools, and more reliability and security, Office Standard 2007 makes it easier and more enjoyable for you to get things done at home or work.

The new look and feel of the 2007 Microsoft Office system automatically displays the menus and toolbars you need when you need them. View larger.

Office Excel 2007 makes it easy to analyze data. View larger.

Including charts in Office PowerPoint 2007 is easy. View larger.

Tasks are easy to follow up on because they are included on the new To-Do Bar and within Outlook reminders. You can also drag tasks onto your calendar. View larger.
Which edition of Office is right for you? View a comparison of Microsoft Office 2007 editions.

Improved User Interface
The Office Standard 2007 user interface makes it easier for people to use Office applications. The streamlined screen layout and dynamic results-oriented galleries let you spend more time focused on your work and less time trying to get the application to do what you need. As a result, the Office Standard 2007 interface can help deliver great looking documents, high-impact presentations, effective spreadsheets, and powerful desktop database applications.

The Ribbon
Office Standard 2007 features the Ribbon, a new device that presents commands organized into a set of tabs, instead of traditional menus and toolbars. The tabs on the Ribbon display the commands that are most relevant for each of the task areas in the applications. For example, in Word, the tabs group commands for activities such as inserting objects like pictures and tables, doing page layout, working with references, doing mailings, and reviewing. For added convenience, the Home tab provides easy access to the most frequently used commands. Excel has a similar set of tabs that make sense for spreadsheet work including tabs for working with formulas, managing data, and reviewing. These tabs make it simple to access features because they organize the commands in a way that corresponds directly to the tasks you perform in the application you're using.

The Microsoft Office Button
Many of the most valuable features in previous versions of Office were not about the document authoring experience and instead focused on all the things you can do with a document: share it, protect it, print it, publish it, and send it. Although this focus had its advantages, previous releases lacked a single central location where a user could see all of these capabilities in one place. Office Standard 2007's new interface, however, bring together the capabilities of the Office system into a single entry point: the Microsoft Office button. This button allows for two major advantages. First, it helps users find these valuable features. Second, it simplifies the authoring process by allowing the Ribbon to focus on creating great documents.

Contextual Tabs
Office Standard 2007 features contextual tabs which bring important and appropriate command options to the user's attention precisely when they're needed most. Certain sets of commands are only relevant when objects of a particular type are being edited. For example, the commands for editing a chart are not relevant until a chart appears in a spreadsheet and the user is focusing on modifying it. In current versions of Office applications, these commands can be difficult to find. In Excel, however, clicking on a chart causes a contextual tab to appear with commands used for chart editing. Contextual tabs only appear when they are needed and make it much easier to find and use the commands needed for the operation at hand.

Galleries are at the heart of the redesigned applications, and they deliver a set of clear results to choose from when working on your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or Access databases. By presenting a simple set of potential results, rather than a complex dialog box with numerous options, galleries can simplify the process of producing professional looking work. For those who prefer a greater degree of control over the result of the operation, the traditional dialog box interfaces are still available.

Live Preview
Office Standard 2007 features Live Preview, a fresh and innovative technology that shows the results of applying an editing or formatting change as you move the pointer over the results presented in a gallery. This dynamic capability streamlines the process of laying out, editing, and formatting so you can create excellent results with less time and effort.
Customer Review: Excellent purchase of MS 2007 Full Version
The MS Office 2007 Full Version was received much quicker than I expected and was in excellent condition. Thanks!
Customer Review: leachfam
I am so very happy with this product. It toke a little getting used to from the old version but the transition has been much easier than I had anticipated (I bought it in Dec 08). I would say to anyone thinking about getting it - go ahead with a positive attitude and an open mind. It is not the old Office. If you are not willing to learn a new way of doing things then DO NOT get this, it is not for you. For those who are willing, the new interface is very user friendly and the 'ribbion' makes it easier to find things. I was not aware of some of the features on Office until now because they were out of sight. I for one have been very pleased.

Have we told you lately just how important communication is? We believe communication really is the key to success and if you know other languages, then you will be able to communicate with others in a different part of the world. When you are communicating with those other individuals that don't normally speak your language, then you will be greatly benefiting by learning all about their country.

Speaking another language can be hard, especially if you have been trying to learn that new language all by reading a book. When you are looking to learn a new language, we believe you should turn to the language learning software. In the old days, if you wanted to learn a new language, you could turn to cassette tapes that you could play in your headphones during the night time as you were taking a rest.

In this day and age, we are tossing those headphones off of our head at night and diving in hands first. By diving in hands first, we mean we are finding someone from another country by way of Internet and chatting with them with the language software. As you see, the language software really does help you out.

Also, if you use another language to write articles for freelance writing, then you will be greatly benefiting because you will not only be able to write articles in your language, but you will be able to write articles in the new language the language learning software has helped you learn.

To use software to learn a language or to translate text is a smart decision. But why? Fact is, it's cheap and effective in the surrounding of your quiet home or in the office. Language Software offers great software for translation and language learning purposes at decent prices. Read more

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Pop-ups can be one of the most unwanted things that can happen to your computer. These unwanted pop-ups are caused by a computer infection called adware. Some people don't have a problem with the constant display of ads on their computer and don't ever do anything about it. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Adware usually comes in the form of spyware as well. Not only does some adware display ads they also can steal your private information. This is why getting rid of adware is extremely important. If you are looking to get rid of your adware infection then what you need to do is purchase a spyware removal program.

Now a lot of people try and go the cheaper route and they look for a free download that removes spyware, but don't realize that this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Most free spyware removal programs will scan your whole computer and then remove the infection, but then download their own form of spyware right back into your computer. These free programs are not only a waste of time they can actually make your computer worse.

This is why purchasing a good spyware removal program is necessary. You will be able to scan you computer on a daily basis, looking for unwanted infections and cookies. You will also be warned before you open or download anything that is potentially dangerous to your computer. These programs not only remove infections they prevent them from ever happening again, for as long as you have them.

If you invest in a spyware removal program you won't be disappointed. A good program will save you time and money and will protect every computer you have it on for years to come.

Ken Valentine writes on how to remove a computer virus. If your computer has been taken over by spyware and adware you can fight back with on of these highly rated products at Act now and get a free trial or a free scan to get your computer working faster than ever.

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Despite being an old method, tapes are still quite extensively used for backing up data. And like everything else, this process is also fraught with problems that creep up if it is not taken care of.

The various formats used for writing to tapes are QIC, Travan and DAT all of which are fraught with problems that hamper the authenticity of the data written. Most tapes are made up of oxide coating on plastic tapes. When the heads are not kept clean, the tapes get damaged while the software is writing the data on the tapes and leads to loss of data.

Often using the same tape also causes the software to record the data with errors, creating "bad blocks", thus causing bad data backup. It is hence a good idea to keep a good rotation of tapes for backing up data.

All data backup programs have an option of verifying data. Using this option is a must to ensure that the data written is perfect and does not have bad portions that hamper the proper safekeeping of the data. Running the data verification process will throw up error messages wherever there is an error.

Apart from this, the backup software comes with a lot of other capabilities and if not set up correctly and can end up damaging or not writing the data properly. All tape backup programs have an option that allows verification or comparison after writing to the tapes.

Many times bad backups are taken because the software is not set up properly. For example, if the software is set on one mode say the option of writing select data only, and this mode has been used for a long time without making any changes, when the time comes the only data left would be the select data.

Backup Software provides detailed information on Backup Software, CD ROM Backup Software, Free Backup Software, Computer Backup Software and more. Backup Software is affiliated with Network Status Monitoring Software.

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Products on which have been newly added to the tag "software". Please note that product prices and availability are subject to change. Prices and availability were accurate at the time this feed was generated; however, they may differ from those you see when you visit

Every filmmaker wants to come up with an excellent movie that will surely entice his or her viewers. In fact, in this day and age, more and more films are made by the use of breakthrough technology, state-of-the-art equipment and of course a brilliant film editing software. However, if you are new to the film-making world do not hesitate because you can make a movie by just having a creative mind and a digital video camera.

Long ago, people who have the capital and investment for movie equipment are the ones who dominate the field. But now you do not even need to hire an expensive professional to take videos of your business projects. If you have a digital video camera you can already make a documentary all by yourself. Isnt it amazing? Well, with the help of the Internet, you can now learn or train yourself through online education. By doing researches on how to make films, edit them and even sell them, are just some of the few topics you can search for. This e-learning process can encourage you more to engage in filmmaking. Whether you are a newbie or a professional already, it does not matter.

Your main concern is on how to choose the best digital video camera, as well as the brilliant film editing software available. There are thousands of cameras you can choose from but it is better if you pick the one that best suits your needs. Make sure it has good voice clarity and superb video resolution. Pick the one which has settings for indoor and outdoor use. The life of the battery must be also assessed. Does it have special effects or is it user-friendly? There are cameras which are hard to use so try to know first how they are being operated. In terms of transferring video data, you can simply connect it to the cable to your computer and thats it. Film editing software comes into play.

There are many web sites on the Internet which contain sufficient information on the various programs available on the current market. Having the appropriate software is very crucial since this will affect the overall outcome of your film. You should be able to enhance the pictures once you have transferred them into your computer for editing. Adobe is one of the most popular film editing software over the years. Unfortunately, it is quite expensive but you can use it to your own advantage. Other programs, such as the Final Cut Pro and DV Express, are very useful especially if you are a computer with high specifications. Nowadays, Hollywood uses this software in editing movies. However, they are quite expensive. But there are other programs which are inexpensive so you need not worry.

Jeff Dodd has been a big fan of Film Editing Software. For more info, drop by at

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